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D'JJA Aesthetic Beauty Bar LLC

Mimosa Bath Salt; Bath Products

Mimosa Bath Salt; Bath Products

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Revel in the opulence of botanical bliss with our Organic Whole Rose Petals, Lavender Buds, and Orange Peels. Luxuriate in premium quality with our Himalayan and Epsom Salts. Our all-natural blend of Orange Mimosa works wonders, purifying and detoxifying your skin, acting as an exceptional natural deodorant. Watch as it magically transforms your skin, clearing oiliness, toning and tightening pores and wrinkles. Experience relief in nasal congestion and symptoms akin to cough and cold. Soothe your aching muscles, de-stress, and promote wound healing with our blend.💕Your Guide to Indulgence💕Warm your tub, scoop an amount of your choosing into it. Immerse yourself in these soothing waters, and let your worries melt away. Indulge :-). Please note that the Rose petals and Orange peels won't slip away down the drain, and you would need to pick them by hand. For an easier cleanup, upgrade your experience and ADD ON a MUSLIN BAG to your purchase.


Organic Flowers (Whole Rose Petals, Lavender Buds and Orange Peels) Premium Himalayan and Epsom Salts Orange Mimosa blend is used to cleanse and detoxify the skin making it a fantastic natural deodorant. It helps clear up excessive oily skin, tones skin, tightening pores and wrinkles. Helps decrease nasal congestion, cough and cold like symptoms. Helps relieve muscle inflammation, muscle spasms, stress, and improves wound healing. ❤️HOW TO USE IT❤️ Fill tub with warm or desired temperature water. Scoop desired amount into tub. Soak, relax and unwind in the soothing waters. Enjoy :-) Rose petals and Orange peels will not drain and you will need to hand pick from tub or PURCHASE AN ADD ON MUSLIN BAG to avoid clean up

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