Interview with Canvas Rebel

Victoria , appreciate you joining us today. Can you recount a story of an unexpected problem you’ve faced along the way?
As a business owner, you run into a variety of things whether it’s financial or if it’s personal at that point of time. It’s even harder when you are a single parent and are working multiple jobs trying to make your dreams come true. Taking care of family fun sometimes can be at the minimum because unexpected expenses happen, and if you’re not prepared for them all funds get depleted. For example, one of my kids wasn’t feeling well and I had to take a few weeks off of work, which meant I wasn’t able to do the things that I needed to do for my business, due to me being more focused on taking care of my personal life (children). I had at that point felt like a failure because I didn’t even have enough money to sustain my life personally or my business. So now I have decided to put aside every week that I’m paid so that I can have enough to sustain my business as well as my personal life until my business takes off.
Any stories or insights that might help us understand how you’ve built such a strong reputation?

What I think they help me build my brand is being authentic, being transparent with people. I'm not sugarcoating anything. What people want is authenticity.


Let’s talk about resilience next – do you have a story you can share with us?

My journey illustrates my resilience because I started to believe in everything that I put my mind to. Sometimes I get discouraged. I don’t have that much support whether it’s moral support or financial support. There's no support there, just keep going every day and pray and ask God to give you the strength and the ability to be able to accomplish the goals that you need to accomplish for both your family and your business.


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